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StarBoard FX89WE2APAK 89" Interactive Whiteboard Package

Interactive Whiteboard Package - includes FX-89WE2 89" interactive whiteboard, CP-AW2505 projector and HASWM05 wall arm mount.
StarBoard FX89WE2APAK
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StarBoard FX-89WE2 Hardware key features (projector and computer required):

  • 15 function buttons for easy access to the frequently used tools.
  • Use a finger or any object to operate the whiteboard
  • Large interactive area
  • 2 simultaneous inputs for collaborative work
  • Multi-touch features for intuitive use
  • Possibility to attach magnets to the surface
  • Light weight with a steel surface
  • Improved bracket design makes the board easy to mount
  • Stylus pen is included with the board
  • StarBoard Software is included with the board

StarBoard FX-89WE2 Software key features:

  • Support of different OS: Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • Customizable floating toolbar
  • Hand writing recognition
  • Variety of digital inks
  • Export notes to various file formats
  • Direct access to the Internet, Google image search
  • Import Microsoft Office files
  • Supports IWB Common File Format (CFF) for easy sharing of educational content
  • Remote conferencing feature included
Hitachi CP-AW2505 Features:
  • WXGA 1280 x 800 resolution.
  • 2,700 ANSI lumens white/color output
  • 10,000:1 contrast ratio
  • HDMI 2 inputs
  • 10,000 hours lamp life (Eco-2 mode)
  • Accentualizer - advanced image processing
  • High Dynamic Contrast Range (HDCR)
  • ImageCare Technology for energy savings
  • Wireless compatible
  • Projector Quick Connect iOS and Android App
  • 16 watt audio output
  • Image Optimizer
Hitachi HASWM05 Features:
  • Designed to mount a Hitachi LCD projector on a wall.
  • 4.1" - 16.1" Throw distance
  • Up to 22.1 lbs. weight load capacity
  • Cable management
  • With left/right position adjustment
  • +/- 0.8" Height adjustment
  • Dimensions: 10.8" x 12.4" x 18.6" to 31.6"
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Product Information

StarBoard FX89WE2APAK 89" Interactive Whiteboard Package

StarBoard FX89WE2APAK 89" Interactive Whiteboard Package

  • StarBoard 89" Multi touch interactive whiteboard (widescreen format)
  • Hitachi CP-AW2505 Ultra short throw LCD projector
  • Hitachi HASWM05 Wall arm mount

An interactive whiteboard bundle that brings highly dynamic
classroom presentations


Affordable interactive technology for your classroom environment

The StarBoard FX89WE2APAK is a powerful interactive whiteboard solution that shows what is on your computer screen, giving you the ability to write information on the screen and control your computer from the board. This package includes the StarBoard FX-89WE2 89" interactive whiteboard (powered by Hitachi StarBoard Software), the Hitachi CP-AW2505 ultra short throw LCD projector, and the Hitachi HASWM05 wall arm mount.

StarBoard FX-89WE2 89" Interactive Whiteboard

StarBoard FX-89WE2 89" Interactive Whiteboard

The StarBoard FX-89WE2 interactive whiteboard brings finger-driven interactivity to your classroom or conference room. This model combines simplicity of design and solid surface with the latest interactive technology. The finger-driven features and multi-touch gesture capabilities make the StarBoard FX-89WE2 intuitive for anyone to use. Use your finger, stylus pen or any object to easily navigate through activities, websites, and multimedia content. Thanks to the "6-Touch" feature, multiple users can write and work on the whole surface of the board simultaneously.

The large surface of the FX-89WE2 board provides an additional working space and contributes to comfortable group work. The function buttons situated on each side of the board allow quick access to the most frequently used tools.

USB 2.0 port and built-in function buttons

The StarBoard FX-89WE2 allows multiple devices to be connected through its USB 2.0 port that eliminates the problem in finding an electrical outlet. With a lower gloss surface, this board delivers clear and crisp images which are smooth on the eyes. Built-in function buttons make the board user-friendly and easy to use. This powerful multi-touch whiteboard will bring effective and enjoyable lessons which improve students' participation in classrooms and as well as teacher's presentations or discussions.

User-friendly interface

StarBoard FX-89WE2 Shown in use - Corporate

The StarBoard FX-89WE2 makes presentations and discussions highly effective and engaging. This incredible touch-sensitive whiteboard together with its user-friendly interface encourage students to keep their engagement throughout the lecture. The 89-inch screen area provides plenty space to work on. Students and teachers can operate with a finger. All movements are sent directly to the board's surface for a sleek, consistent and comfortable operation. The FX-89WE2 weigh's very light because of its improved bracket design and steel surface, making it easy for the board to mount on the wall.

Remote Conferencing function

The FX-89WE2 offers remote conferencing function that enables users to have a dynamic way of learning and conducting business. This powerful feature allows both parties from two different locations to collaborate on the same screen and annotate running applications, browse the web pages and add comments or notes to the documents at the same time. With the use of finger-driven technology and multi-touch gestures, users can add class notes, access internet and use different digital inks to create attractive lessons, export notes to different file format and import Microsoft Office files.

The Hitachi CP-AW2505 Ultra short throw LCD projector

Hitachi CP-AW2505 Ultra short throw LCD projector

The Hitachi CP-AW2505 ultra short throw LCD projector is ideally suited for producing large images in limited spaces. It provides vibrant image quality with cost-effective operation. A suite of advanced features normally found only on higher end models includes 2 HDMI ports, High Dynamic Contrast Range (HDCR), and Hitachi’s original technology Accentualizer that allows the projected image to appear more real by enhancing sharpness, gloss and shade.

Along with its light weight and compact design, the CP-AW2505 offers Hitachi’s most appreciated installation feature, “Perfect Fit”, allowing time saving and ease of installation.  As with all Hitachi projectors, you can expect vibrant image quality, cost-efficient operation, and long-lasting reliability. Plus, Hitachi’s Intelligent Eco and Saver Modes with ImageCare combines optimal picture performance with energy savings for a lower total cost of ownership. For added peace of mind, Hitachi’s CP-AW2505 is also backed by a generous 3 year warranty and our world-class service and support programs.

Standard features:

Microphone Input
A microphone can be used via the jack located on the input panel. Allows for more dynamic presentations even in standby mode.

Input Source Naming
The users can name input sources in simple language instead of factory default names.

Network Control, Maintenance and Security
An embedded networking gives you the ability to manage and control multiple projectors over your LAN. Features include scheduling of events, centralized reporting, image transfer and e-mail alerts for reactive and routine maintenance.

PC-Less Presentation
By using a USB memory stick or other storage device, you can use the projector without a computer. Menus are easy to see with a thumbnail display. Additionally there is also a slideshow and video function.

PIN Lock / MyScreen / MyText
The PIN lock protection can limit projector users. MyScreen PIN lock keeps captured images on the startup screen. Users can set any name logo to MyScreen, clearly identifying ownership. MyText provides the ability to write text on the startup screen such as model name, serial number or location.

The PJMessenger function allows you to send and display text messages and audio alerts on your networked projectors. It is an easy and efficient way to send announcements out to multiple units.

Present Content via LAN
The Hitachi’s suite of networking software allows you to easily send content directly from your PC to the projector via your LAN connection.

Template Function
The line templates in the projector menu can help when writing on a whiteboard. There are four types of line templates to choose from.

Wireless Presentation Compatible
Connect the projector to a a computer or your network using the optional USB wireless adapter (part number USBWL11N). The adapter supports IEEE802.11b/g and the latest 11n.

The Hitachi HASWM05 Wall arm mount

Hitachi HASWM05 Wall arm mount

The Hitachi HASWM05 wall arm mount is designed to mount a Hitachi LCD projector on a wall. It features a high quality, ultra-durable construction and a long-life reliability. The HASWM05 wall arm mount measures 10.8" x 12.4" x 18.6" to 31.6" with a throw distance of 4.1" - 16.1". This wall arm mount has a weight capacity up to 22.1 lbs.

Mount a Hitachi LCD projector on a wall

Mounting your Hitachi projector on the wall above your interactive board is the best way to install it. This give you the best performance and shadow reduction as well as getting the projector up and out of the way. Never again will you have to worry about someone touching the projector or walking into it.

What's In The Box

StarBoard FX89WE2APAK Includes:
  • StarBoard FX-89WE2 89" Interactive Whiteboard
  • Hitachi CP-AW2505 Projector
  • Hitachi HASWM05 Wall Arm Mount
Hitachi FX-89WE2 Accessories:
  • 1 Stylus pen
  • Wall mount bracket
  • USB cable
  • StarBoard Software
  • Start-up Guide
Hitachi CP-AW2505 Accessories:
  • Remote control
  • Power cord
  • Computer cable
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Cable cover,
  • Adapter cover
  • Application CD
  • User's manual


Model: FX89WE2APAK Specifications
Type Interactive Whiteboard Package
Includes StarBoard FX-89WE2 89" Interactive Whiteboard
Hitachi CP-AW2505 Projector
Hitachi HASWM05 Wall Arm Mount
StarBoard FX-89WE2 Specifications
Display Type Interactive Whiteboard
Digitizing Technology Infrared Ray Shading Detection System
Interface to Computer USB 1.1, USB 2.0
Active Area Size 89 inches
Display Aspect Ratio 16:10
Surface Material High density polyester (core),
Dimensions 85.8”(W) x 50.5”(H) x 1.4”(D)
Operating Specification 41-95 °F (5-35 °C) 20-80% Humidity
Function Buttons 16
Weight Approx. 52.9 lbs.
Packing Dimensions 90.6”(W) x 55.3”(H) x 3.5”(D)
Packing Weight Approx. 81.6 lbs.
Certificates FCC Class B, CE, VCCI Class A
PC Requirements
CPU Intel Pentium 4 1.8GHz or higher (Core 2 Duo or more for Conference feature)
RAM 1 GB of free space
HDD 600 MB of free space
Display Color Depth 32 bits
Software Required I.E. 7/8/9 for internet search function, Microsoft Office 2002 or higher for viewing MS Office files, Adobe Reader 8/9/X for PDF browsing
OS Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32/64bit) with latest service pack, Tablet PC Edition, 64-bit Edition (XP and Vista) and Server Edition are not supported
Other Video card with hardware overlay for video function, DV capture devices that support DirectShow with WDM drivers (required for webcam playback and capturing)
Mac Requirements
CPU Intel® processor (Core 2 Duo or more for Conference feature)
RAM 1 GB or more is recommended
HDD 600 MB of free space
Software Required PowerPoint 2004 or higher for viewing PowerPoint files, Apple Quicktime 7.1 or later for movie feature)
OS Macintosh OSX 10.5, 10.6, 10.7.2 with latest service pack applied
Other SBS supports the viewing of PDF files (convert other files to PDF to view them using “Print to PDF” function)
Hitachi CP-AW2505 Projector Specifications
LCD Panel 0.63" (1.6cm) P-Si TFT x 3
Resolution WXGA (1200x800)
Brightness 2700 ANSI Lumens (Normal Mode)
Contrast Ratio 5000:1
Lens Powered focus, Digital zoom x 1.35
Lamp Wattage 225W
Lamp Life 3000 Hours (Normal Mode) / 5000 Hours (Eco Mode)*
Diagonal Display Size 60~100" (152~254cm)
Keystone Correction Fixed 7.7:-1 upward shift
Throw Ratio 0.3
Number Of Colours 8 Bits / color, 16.7M colours
Computer Native WXGA
Composite/S-Video NTSC, PAL, SECAM, PAL-M, PAL-N, PAL (60Hz), NTSC4.43
Component Video/HDMI Video 480i@60Hz, 480p@60Hz, 576i@50Hz, 576p@50Hz, 720p@50/60Hz, 1080i@50/60Hz, 1080p@50/60Hz
Speakers 16W
Image Picture modes (DICOM simulation, photo), HDCR (High Dynamic Contrast Range), Accentualizer technology
Audio Standby Audio, Audio pass through
Network Projector Control, Screen Transfer, New Network Setting OST, Infrastructure Mode (Wireless LAN), Adhoc Mode (Wireless LAN), PJLink™, e-Mail (SMTP), Schedule (SNTP), SNMP Management (SNMP), My Image, Messenger, Campus notification system, Network bridge, AMX Device Discovery, Crestron™ RoomView®, Projector web control
Security Systems Password/My Screen Password, PIN lock, Key lock
Installation Keystone vertical, Perfect Fit (corner fit), Perfect Fit memory
Eco Saver mode, Intelligent eco mode, ImageCare™, Filter cleaning cycle
Optional Accessories Support TB-1 tablet, Hong he tablet, Hong he IWB connection, MS-1/MS-1WL control
Other Auto altitude mode, Altitude (up to 10,000ft), Cloning function
PC Software LiveViewer for Win (ver.6.21), LiveViewer for Mac (ver. 1.02.1024), Projector Management Application (ver.7.18), Projector Control Application (ver.4.13), Projector Image Tool (ver.3.2), Projector Messenger Tool (ver.1.5)
Smart Device Apps Projector Quick Connection (for iOS & Android)
Digital Input 2 x HDMI
Computer Input 2 x 15-pin Mini D-sub
Monitor Output 1 x 15-pin Mini D-sub
Video Input 1 x RCA composite
Audio Input 1 x stereo mini jack
1 x pair RCA (L/R)
1 x microphone
Audio Output 1 x Stereo Mini Jack
USB 2 x USB type A (PC-less presentation or optional wireless adaptor)
1 x USB type B (USB mouse control or USB display)
Control 1 x 9-pin D-sub for RS232C Control
Wired Network 1 x RJ-45
Wireless LAN Optional wireless adapter required
Power Supply 100-120V/220-240V, auto switching
Power Consumption/Standby 320W/<0.3W (AC 220-240V)
Dimensions (W X H X D) 377 x 136 x 360mm (excluding feet and extrusions)
Weight 4.3kg
Noise Level 28dB (Eco Mode) / 34dB (Normal Mode)
Operating Temperature 0~40°C
Air Filter Hybrid (4000 Hours)
Projector/Lamp 3 Years/6 Months
Hitachi HASWM05 Wall Arm Mount Specifications
Type Wall Arm Mount
Swivel +/- 3.0º
Pitch +/- 3.0º
Roll +/- 3.0º
Throw Distance 4.1" - 16.1"
Weight Capacity 22.1 lbs.
Height Adjustment +/- 0.8"
Left/Right Position Adjustment +/- 0.4"
Dimensions (WxHxD) 10.8" x 12.4" x 18.6" to 31.6"
Weight 12.8 lbs.
Cable Management Yes
Compatible Projector Models CP-AX2503

StarBoard FX89WE2APAK Product Specifications Summary:
(for full specs please see the full specs tab or the data sheet)

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Interactive Screens / Whiteboards Attributes

General Attributes


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Q & A

Q: What is the warranty for the StarBoard interactive whiteboard?
A: 2 years. However, you can buy an additional year warranty for $249.00 (part number Ext Warr IWB).


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