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ELMO TT-12 Interactive Document Camera 3.4 MP CMOS Sensor Multi-directional camera neck 12x optical zoom 8x digital zoom

Catalog #: 1331
ELMO TT-12 Document Camera (as an authorized ELMO dealer you get a 5 year warranty on parts and labor!)
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  • 12x optical zoom, 8x digital zoom total of 96x zoom
  • Multi-directional camera neck
  • 30 frames per second real time image
  • 3.4 MP CMOS Sensor
  • XGA, WXGA, SXGA, 720p and 1080p output resolution
  • New Image Mate software with audio and video recording
  • Ergonomically designed remote control
  • Direct interaction with the ELMO CRA-1 wireless tablet without computer
  • 5 years warranty
  • Optional microscope attachment is available
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Product Information

Touchboards.com is proud to introduce the New TT-12 Document Camera from ELMO. How do you make the TT-02RX, the "World's Best Selling Document Camera," even better? The answer is easy. You update and add features that will bury the competition. The TT-12 document camera utilizes the proven successful design of the "Teacher Tool" family, and brings it to an even higher level with a host of impressive upgrades. We predict the new TT-12 will reinforce the title earned by its predecessor, the TT-02RX, as the "World's Best Selling Document Camera". This is not the top selling camera in a certain class or a certain resolution. This is the undisputed best selling camera in the world! Please see the demo video on this page for a live demo of this powerful new camera.

With such a rapid growth in technology, Elmo has undoubtedly noticed that no self respecting document camera manufacturer would even think of using a 1.3 mega pixel camera in their most popular school camera. With this realization, ELMO has incorporated some unique features that enhance the picture and video quality of the new TT-12. Elmo has raised the bar by offering a 3.4 mega pixel image sensor. This gives the user the ability to display an image in true "high definition" (both 720P and 1080P). This camera now boasts a 12X optical zoom and 8X digital zoom for a total 96X zoom! WOW! This improved image clarity and zoom capability will establish the standard for educational document cameras in the marketplace. It is obvious that the new TT-12 offers serious users, who are concerned about video quality and desire high definition, a perfect product solution at a competitive price.

There are many new features the TT-12 has to offer. One is the direct "pass-through" HDMI port that enables the user to connect the TT-12 directly to a HD projector. This means no loss of image quality for true to life, crystal clear images. This camera also includes a built in "VGA active pass through." This feature is normally found on higher priced cameras. This allows you to connect both the TT-12 and your computer directly to your projector, and utilize only use one VGA input. This is extremely important and convenient since all projectors do not have multiple inputs. This is done by running the VGA cable from your computer to the TT-12 and then another cable from the TT-12 to the projector. You can then display the image from the document camera directly on the projector. When you want to display your computer, you simply push a button on the TT-12 and the computer's video "passes through" the TT-12 to the projector.

Also new to the TT-12 is the ability to record "full motion video" in HD. This is processed at an ultra smooth 30 frames per second. In addition, the built in microphone gives you the option to record audio and video simultaneously. This exciting new capability allows you to save and send your presentations. This ensures your audience the chance to relive the experience without missing a "beat". If your audience is "virtual", this document camera will leave them feeling as if they were actually at the recording session. If you are an educator, you can email the lesson to a child who has missed class. If you are using this for blogs, websites, or social media sites (like Facebook), the TT-12 will take your posts to the next level.

In the classroom, teachers and students will appreciate the flexibility in the storage options. The TT-12's use of internal SD/SDHC/USB memory to capture images and record video, without the need for a computer or external storage device, gives this document camera an unprecedented advantage over its (ELMO's) competitors. The unit also has both an SD card slot and USB thumb drive slot. The USB drive contains a unique feature. It not only allows you to store images directly to a thumb drive, but is also useable with the CRA-1 wireless tablet. This allows the presenter to use the CRA-1 tablet without a computer; freeing the user to interact with the audience.

Additionally, note some of the unique improvements to the camera's head. The TT-12 now features an improved multi directional camera head that rotates a wide 270 degrees. This allows left handed teachers to fully rotate the camera head to the other side in order to make presentations more comfortable. We are quite impressed with these new improvements and thoughtful upgrades and recommend this camera be seriously considered. We are certain that the torch will be passed from the TT-02RX to the new TT-12 as the "World's Best Selling Document Camera."

What's In The Box

  • AC adapter
  • Power cord
  • RGB cable
  • USB cable
  • Anti-glare sheet
  • New Remote Control
  • Image Mate CD-ROM
  • installation manual
  • Quick start guide
  • Instruction manual (CD-ROM)
  • Stage
  • Dust cover


Image pick-up device 3.4M CMOS
Total pixels 2144 x 1588
Effective pixels 1920 x 1536
Frame rate 30 fps
Resolution (H/V) 800 TV lines / 800 TV lines
F3.2 ~ 3.6
Lens f=4.06 ~ 48.72 mm
Zoom ratio Optical 12x / Digital 8x
Shooting area max. 420 mm x 334 mm (@SXGA)
Focus Auto / Push / Manual
Camera Functions
White balance Auto / Manual
Flicker compensation Provided
Noise reduction Provided
Output pixels 1080p/720p/SXGA/WXGA/XGA
Graphical OSD Provided
Contrast Provided
Text mode Provided
Edge enhancement Provided
Classroom Support Functions
Microscope mode Provided
Image Save/Playback (Playback of DSC image)
Motion picture Save/Playback SD/SDHC/USB memory
Slide show Provided
Image rotation 180 degrees
Freeze Provided
Positive/Negative conversion Provided
Mosaic Provided
Color/B&W selection Provided
Scroll Provided (in digital zoom)
PinP Provided (Freeze or saved image)
Mask, highlight, split image Provided
Highlighter Provided
Sync system Internal
Input selection Main/External-1
Analog RGB output SXGA/WXGA/XGA 60Hz 1080p/720p
HDMI output Provided
RGB input D-sub 15 pin (Pass through)
RGB output D-sub 15 pin
USB device port USB 2.0
USB host port Provided
SD card slot Provided
Video output Provided (RGB or Video)
Internal Microphone Provided
Microphone input Provided
Line output Provided
Weight Approx. 3.2 kg

ELMO TT-12 Product Specifications Summary:
(for full specs please see the full specs tab or the data sheet)

Document Cameras/Document Cameras Template

Mega Pixels (MP) What's This?3.4 Megapixels
Digital Zoom What's This?8 x
Optical Zoom What's This?12 x
Video OutputsHDMI, USB Video, VGA
Focus Doc CamAuto
Flexible Neck No
Frame Rate30 fps
Built in microphoneYes
Power SourceAC Line

General Attributes

Unique FeaturesThe Elmo CRA-1 wireless tablet can be used directly with the TT-12 to allow for annotations on the camera's image without the need for a computer.
Product Weight7 LBS
Country of OriginThailand
Warranty5 YEARS
Warranty Details5 year warranty covers parts and labor
Product Height11 IN
Product Length20.7 IN
Product Width15.4 IN
Shipping Weight14 LBS
Other Information

USB or video connection: Yes - (HDMI, VGA)

Viewing area: max. 420 mm x 334 mm (@SXGA)

Output Resolution: XGA, WXGA, SXGA, 720p and 1080p

Frame rate: 30 fps

Video/audio recording: Records audio and video simultaneously

Lighting: Yes - Single LED


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Q & A

Q: what is the difference between the TT-02RX and the TT-12?
A: The TT-12 is the next generation ELMO and replaced the discontinued TT-02RX. It uses the same easy controls/software but it now is high definition 1080P, has more pixels, a better zoom and an HDMI port. It is superior in every ascpect!

Q: Can I connect the Elmo TT-12 to my computer? 
Yes, the TT-12 can connect to both PC and Mac with a USB cable.  You can then connect a projector to your computer to project the image.

Q: I want to use the Elmo TT-12 without a computer, is that possible?
A: Yes the TT-12 can connect to a projector or LCD screen using the video outputs.  The Elmo has an HDMI and VGA port, as well as a VGA pass through.

Q: Does the TT-12 have a microphone?
A: Yes, the TT-12 does have an on board microphone to record audio.

Q: How does the TT-12 work with the Elmo CRA-1 Tablet?
A: You would connect the TT-12 directly to your projector and not your computer.  The Elmo CRA-1 wireless dongle would plug into the USB port on the TT-12.  Once connected, you can use the CRA-1 to annotate or draw over the TT-12’s image as well as control some features of the camera like zoom, focus, saving images, special effects, etc.

Q: Does the TT-12 have an adjustable neck? 
A: The curves silver neck is rigid and is not flexible.  However, there are some adjustments available.  There is a joint at the base of the neck and the camera lens can rotate so you can push it down to get closer to an object.  You can also flip the camera lens around to make it easier for left handed users.

Q: Is the Elmo TT-12 hi-def?
Yes, you can output 1080p resolution using an HDMI cable.


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