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Optoma Technology, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of award-winning digital display products and home entertainment projectors for consumers, businesses, education, professional audio/video (Pro AV) and Custom Installation channels.
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Projectors (84)

Optoma offers the broadest selection of projectors to consumers, businesses and educators, as well as professional installers.

Entertainment Projectors

Entertainment Projectors (13)

Optoma’s entertainment projectors unleash big-screen quality to transform movies and games at home.

Business Projectors

Business Projectors (12)

Optoma projectors support the way people do business from presentations and on-the-go sales people to the largest conference center.

Education Projectors

Education Projectors (3)

Teachers will enjoy presenting lessons and class material free from projection light in their eyes.

ProScene Series

ProScene Series (6)

Elite line up of projectors with advanced image processing and scaling that ensures exceptional image clarity and color accuracy.

Optoma Laser Phosphor Projectors

Optoma Laser Phosphor Projectors (3)

Equipped with laser phosphor display technology for state-of-the-art picture and color performance.

Gaming Projectors

Gaming Projectors (1)

Full HD 1080p ultra short throw projectors designed for gaming, movies, and sports.


Mounts (13)

Hardware for mounting interactive whiteboards, flat panel screens, and projectors


Clearance (1)


Video Conversion & Connectivity

Video Conversion & Connectivity (8)

Hardware for connection your video components and converting formats.


Audio (25)

Audio systems and accessories

Accessories (Universal)

Accessories (Universal) (146)

Miscellaneous Accessories

Projection Screens

Projection Screens (3)

Screens to fit any application

Discontinued Products

Discontinued Products (446)

Discontinued Products

4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) Projectors

4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) Projectors (1)

These projectors are capable of delivering ultra sharp images with a high level of detail and astounding color perfect for home theater application.


High resolution projection and digital display products

Optoma has quickly become a global leader in the manufacturing of high resolution projection and digital display products. Optoma's product line-up includes: multimedia projectors for mobile, fixed installations and home theaters, as well as HD displays.

With advanced optical engineering expertise and dedication to superb product quality, Optoma's innovative products are carefully crafted to incorporate the latest refinements in video display technology. By integrating Texas Instruments' DLP® technology, Optoma's products combine superior image processing technologies with exceptional engineering to deliver images that are bright, crystal clear, and finely-tuned for tone and color.

The company has earned the loyalty, respect, and trust of its extensive network of dealers, distributors, VARs, major consumer electronics retailers, Internet resellers and OEM partners.

Optoma's projectors application:

Education and Training

Optoma-X305STA more engaging way to learn - Optoma knows you need reliable equipment that is easy to set up to help teach more effectively. This is where Optoma comes in. Optoma’s education range provides cost effective, high quality products to bring learning to life. From small classrooms to large lecture halls, all aspects of the education environment can benefit from Optoma’s technology solutions.

Most of Optoma's projectors for education incorporates Eco+ technology.

What is Eco+?

Eco+ technology from Optoma increases its commitment to reducing the impact we all make on the environment. Not only is it better for the environment, but Eco+ features also offer significant savings against standard lamp based projectors. Eco+ technology brings together superb performance, improved lamp life and energy saving features that are easy to use while saving you both time and money.

Eco+ - Dynamic Dimming
Dynamically dimming your projector's light source, Eco+ technology reduces power consumption to as little as 30%*. This also has a positive effect on the lamp life, increasing it up to 70% which lowers the total cost of ownership and reduces maintenance.
Auto Power Off
There may be instances when the projector is left running when not in use. To help save energy if the projector is left running and no source is detected, the 'Auto Power Off' feature automatically turns off the projector after a set period of time.
Eco AV Mute
Stay in control of your presentation with the Eco AV mute feature. Direct your audience's attention away from the screen by blanking the image when no longer needed. This also instantly reduces the power consumption to as little as 10%*, further prolonging the life of your lamp.



Effective collaboration with Optoma - good business decisions require effective collaboration. For today's organizations, the ability to share their ideas with colleagues, customers and partners in an integrated, cost-effective way, ensures they remain competitive. Whether presenting data, images or multimedia, in a meeting room, boardroom or auditorium, Optoma projectors present your ideas with clarity and impact.

What is DLP® technology?Optoma-DLP

Optoma projectors incorporate DLP® technology from Texas Instruments, which creates razor sharp pictures and amazing videos with incredible colors and brightness, while providing world class reliability and longevity.
DLP® is a technology developed by Texas Instruments that has revolutionized projection. At the heart of every Optoma projector is a DLP® chip. This chip can have up to two million microscopic mirrors, each measuring less than one-fifth the width of a human hair and corresponds to one pixel on the final projected image.

Why choose DLP®?

Video and graphics produced by the latest DLP® technology are sharper because the mirrors on the DLP® chip are so close together that the gaps between pixels in an image are less noticeable. Spaced less than one micron apart, its mirrors create a smooth film-like image.
DLP-PixelGapAs DLP® is a reflective technology; it can deliver images with both high native ANSI contrast and exceptional brightness, creating a picture so real and seamless that it's easy to forget that you aren't in the action. The inherent speed of DLP® technology means that Optoma projectors can output video and images at an astonishing rate of 120Hz, allowing you to show full screen, full color, and stereoscopic 3D.

Optoma are so confident that DLP® image color quality will remain as good as the day you bought it that we will guarantee it for five years.

All Optoma projectors use DLP® technology.

ProScene solutions

ProScene Solutions are created by Optoma’s dedicated team to provide you with tried and tested system solutions for innovative projection applications. The solutions have been created using only ProScene projectors and signal processors enabling us to offer you an unprecedented level of support at every stage of your project from conceptualization and design through to installation and commissioning. ProScene solutions enable you to confidently deliver ambitious solutions to your clients quickly, efficiently and with peace of mind.


Simple setup – solutions designed by Optoma's ProScene team to save you time

LAN control
All Optoma signal processors can be controlled via a network (LAN) connection, keeping you in complete control of your project at all times. The powerful PC tools allow many functions to be fine-tuned with sub-pixel accuracy for truly remarkable results.
Auto Blending / Stacking
Where minimizing setup time is critical, partner your Optoma signal processor with an affordable web-cam and our free software tool to create fully automated, seamless blending and stacking projects that take minutes rather than hours.
Color and brightness matching
No two projectors are completely identical. When performing complex, or even simple edge-blend projects using multiple projectors, it can be difficult to achieve good results if the images do not match. Optoma ProScene projectors and signal processors provide both Color Matching and Brightness Matching features to ensure perfect results, every time.

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