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Steelcase eno2810-A Interactive Whiteboards

1200mm x 2133mm (96" diagonal) eno interactive whiteboard, pattern A. This part number includes: 1 enostykit601; mounting L-clips/anchors/screws; and 1 magnetic icon strip.
Steelcase eno2810-A
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  • No cords, no cables. No hard connections to power or data. Really.
  • Environment Friendly: The eno 2810 is made from all recyclable materials, with board construction using e3 environmental ceramicsteel™ for the surface. With Cradle to CradleSM Silver certification, the eno is world's only environmentally certified writing surface, meeting stringent indoor air quality standards
  • No more clutter: It is cord and wire-free, making for safer, less-cluttered classrooms and meeting rooms
  • No costly installation and no outlet required for board operation
  • The board is made of industry-leading e3 environmental ceramicsteel, creating a virtually indestructible dry-erase surface
  • Make notes, draw diagrams and illustrate your lessons and/or presentations by writing directly on the whiteboard with a regular dry-erase marker, or using the interactive stylus.
  • True whiteboard interactivity through a Bluetooth-enabled stylus using Anoto Group AB digital pen technology and an evolutionary open software platform
  • With one easy click to capture notes written with the stylus, you can save and distribute an entire interactive session
  • The eno board application runs on an open platform that works with existing software/operating systems, which means education and business systems that have previous investments in software can still utilize older applications
  • Multiple Board Support: Each board is offered in three different versions, each with a unique pattern (e.g. 2610 A, B or C) to enable multiple boards to operate in the same room
  • Forever Warranty on the e3 environmental ceramicsteel surface, ten-year warranty on the whiteboard (trim, mounts, etc.), two-year warranty on other components
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Product Information

The Steelcase eno 2810 whiteboard is an industry breakthrough, being the first three-in-one interactive whiteboard solution that provides teaching options for traditional marker, magnetic and multimedia avenues without cords, cables or a costly installation. You can switch from markers to multimedia, or ink to internet on a virtually indestructible ceramicsteel surface while projecting your computer screen onto the whiteboard. This enables you to navigate through documents, presentations or websites right from the board, while conducting lessons and/or make notes with a regular dry-erase marker or interactive stylus. And in one simple click, save all the interactive notes to post to a server, print or email. You can even reload the session tomorrow morning, and dig in again. It’s that simple. eno supports Microsoft Windows or Apple® Macintosh operating software, and you can pair eno with any projector for maximum flexibility, delivering interactivity through Bluetooth-enabled technology.

Next-Generation Green 
With the only environmentally certified writing surface in the world, eno is in a league all it's own. Created from all recyclable materials, eno is at the head of the class for reducing hazardous substances, improving indoor air quality and providing a safer, clutter-free classroom. eno is proof that PolyVision is serious about protecting teachers, students and the environment are a part of.

Incredible Components 
The e3 environmental ceramicsteel surface works perfectly with markers, magnets and interactive projection. It is virtually indestructible, and eno requires no cords, no cables, no hard connections to power or data, for a safer, less cluttered classroom. With eno, there’s just one board to buy that lasts a lifetime, with all technical components consolidated into a revolutionary Bluetooth®-enabled stylus, making the eno board is virtually maintenance-free. Combined with the wireless stylus, the eno whiteboard literally transforms into an interactive surface.

Software Friendly 
Unlike boards from many competitors, eno works with any software so educators won't be locked into canned and limited lesson plans. Use it with Geometer Sketchpad, Inspiration, Microsoft PowerPoint... the possibilities are endless. eno is delivered with RM Easiteach®, a popular and proven family of content-rich education software including subject-specific content toolbars that enable teachers to merge their existing, successful lesson plans with interactive methods.

Please watch this amazing video showing how durable this board is!

And another one showing how the Eno board could actually save you money in the long run.



Model: eno2810-A Specifications
Writing Surface e3 environmental ceramicsteel whiteboard
46.9" x 83.5"
Outside Dimensions 48.2" x 85.5"
Diagonal 96"
Depth 1.1"
Weight 82.5 lb (37.44 kg)
Power Requirements No power requirements for the whiteboard
Stylus requires one AAA battery
Educational Software (included)
RM Easiteach software Toolbars for geography, math, science, and language arts
One content package - choose primary math, primary science, primary language arts or secondary combination pack = math, science and language art(Specific offerings vary by country)
Multiple Board Support Each board is offered in three different versions, each with a unique pattern (e.g. 2610 A, B or C) to enable multiple boards to operate in the same room.
Recommended Computer Requirements
Microsoft Windows -Pentium processor
-512MB RAM
-XP, Tablet XP service pack 2 or above, or Vista®
-One available USB port
Apple Macintosh -PowerPC or Intel microprocessor
-512MB RAM
-System software OS X 10.3.9 or higher
-One available USB port
Bluetooth Stack Support
eno supports the following Bluetooth stacks Windows: Microsoft, Toshiba, Blue Soleil™, Widcomm®/Broadcom®.
Macintosh: All Apple stacks.
Certifications MBDC Cradle to Cradle Silver
SCS Indoor Advantage Gold
Forever Warranty Forever Warranty on the e3 environmental ceramicsteel surface, ten-year warranty on the whiteboard (trim, mounts, etc.), two-year warranty on other components

Steelcase eno2810-A Product Specifications Summary:
(for full specs please see the full specs tab or the data sheet)

Interactive Screens / Whiteboards Attributes

Screen Size What's This?96 IN
Touchboards Surface Durability What's This?5
Interface What's This?Pen Driven
Aspect Ratio What's This?Wide (16:10)
Board Surface Features What's This?No Surface Electronics , Porcelain Steel or Metal, Puncture Resistant
Dry Erase Compatible What's This?Yes
MAC Compatible What's This?Yes
Wireless Built In What's This?Yes
Suggested UseBusiness, Classroom, Conference Room, Trade Show

General Attributes

Unique FeaturesPorcelain coated steel surface resists some damage as well as markers. Can be used as a regular dry erase board and a magnetic board. The wireless pen is included and there are no hard connections to the computer. Lifetime warranty on the surface.

This is the most durable board we sell.
Product Weight82.5 LBS
Country of OriginUnited States
Warranty DetailsLifetime warranty on the surface. 1 Year on the pen and receiver.
Product Height48.2 IN
Product Length96 IN
Product Width85.5 IN
Freight Class200


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Q & A

Q: What country in the Eno board made in?
A: The Eno board is made in America.

Q: Is the Eno board touch sensitive?
A: No, the Eno is a pen driven board, meaning you need to use an electronic pen for mouse control and annotation.

Q: Does the Eno board need a projector?
A: Yes, the Eno board does not make an image like a TV and a projector is needed to see your computer screen on it.

Q: How does the Eno board work?
A: The Eno board itself is a porcelain coated markerboard.  The electronic pen, which connects wirelessly to your computer, can read a code embedded in the surface of the board and that tells your computer where to put the mouse cursor.  This allows for full mouse control, and using the annotation software, the ability to whiteboard and annotate electronically over anything on your computer screen.  A projector is needed to display the computer's image on the board.

Q: Can the Eno board be used without a projector?
A: When not using a projector, the Eno is simply a dry erase marker board.  It's glossy porcelain finish ensures that you will be abe to erase it cleanly.

Q: How big is the Eno board?
A: The Eno is available in several sizes. There is the 78 inch diagonal Eno 2610, the 96 inch diagonal Eno 2810, the 75 inch diagonal Eno Click 2650, and the 93 inch diagonal Eno Click 2850.

Q: What is the difference between the Eno and the Eno Click?
A: The Eno includes wall mounts for mounting on a wall or even a mobile stand.  The Eno Click has magnets on the back and is mean to be used in a location with an existing magnetic marker board or chalk board.  The Eno Click just "clicks" in place on the existing board making installation a breeze. The Eno Click is not meant to be used on a stand or with the Eno Play sound system.

Q: Does the Eno have gesture recognition?
A: No, since the Eno uses a pen, it does not recognize gestures.

Q: Am I getting a really big TV when I buy and Eno board?
A: No. The board does not have a means on its own to show an image.  It is dependent on a projector to show the image onto its surface.  Without a projector, you cannot see anything from your computer on the board.

Q: Can I watch TV on my Eno board?
A  Yes, however you will need a projector to do this.  The projector will show anything you want it to.  As long as your cable box or media player has a common terminal with the projector, then it can be used.  For example, if both your cable box and projector use HDMI, they could be connected.

Q: I have Windows 8.  Will my computer work with the Eno board?
A: Yes, the drivers for the Eno board are Windows 8 compatible.

Q: I have a Mac.  Will my computer work with the Eno board?
A: Yes, the drivers for the Eno board are Mac compatible.

Q: Will dry erase markers damage the Eno Board?
A: No, the Eno has a glossy porcelain surface like a true dry erase marker board.  Marker can be removed with no problem, even if left on the board for an extended period of time. We have even been able to clean permanent marker and spray paint from the Eno surface (with the appropriate cleaners).

Q: I want to save dry erase notes onto my computer.  Is that possible?
A: No, because the Eno is a pen based board, it would not respond to a marker writing on it.  Using a marker would be just like writing on a marker board whether you are using a projector or not. In order to have your writing show up on the computer screen, you would have to use the electronic pen.

Q: What kind of computer does the Eno board have built into it?
A: The Eno does not come with a computer.  You would connect it to one of your existing computers through the wireless pen.  The board itself does not have a hard connection to the computer.

Q: How long is the USB cable that connects the board to the computer?
A: The Eno board does not use a cable, it connects wirelessly right out of the box, no extra accessories required.  The electronic stylus you get with the board connects to the computer with Bluetooth.

Q: My Eno stylus was lost/broken, what do I do?
A: The board can only be interactive when you have that electronic stylus, without it you have a great magnetic dry erase board. You can get spare or replacement pens for it.  Please call or email us for details and pricing.

Q: What are the power requirements for the Eno board?
A: The board itself doesn't use power and has no hard connection to anything.  The pen runs on one AA battery.  Your projector will need power as well.

Q: Is the Eno stylus pen rechargeable?
A: The stylus that is included with the board uses a regular AA battery.  Steelcase does have a version that is rechargeable but is only available as an option. Please call or email us for more information.   

Q: I frequently travel for business, and want to bring my Eno board with me.  Is that possible?
A: a.    No. The Eno board is too large to fit in most passenger vehicles.  If you need an interactive product that is portable, please call us at 866-942-6273, as we have several options for you.

Q: What is the warranty on the Eno board?
A: Steelcase offers a 10 year warranty on the whiteboard (trim, mounts, etc), two year warranty on the pen and dongle, and a lift time warranty on the board's surface.

Q: Is the Eno board compatible with Go To Meeting or Web Ex?
A: Think of the board as an extension of your computer.  If your computer will work with Web Ex or Go To Meeting, then it will show up on the board

Q: Can I use an iPad with Eno board?
A: There are several ways to use an iPad with the Eno board.  Many people use an app called Splashtop.  Splashtop gives you control of your computer through the iPad, which would then let you control the board.

 You can also the Qomo QWPS1000.  This allows you to display the board’s content onto an iPad, or display an iPad onto the board.  Please see the video linked below:

 Another option would be to use Display Note.  This is a software program that allows you to work collaboratively with all of the iPad and Android devices in your room.

Q: I heard the Eno pen easily breaks?

A: That used to be the case but the new generation pen that they came out with in 2013 is much more durable.


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