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Promethean Laser Projector Packages
Promethean is a global leader of integrated interactive technology, providing teachers with the tools which deliver the greatest impact on learning. Interactive whiteboards, software, audience response systems and interactive tools are designed to support communication, collaboration, creativity and learning. Promethean’s international network and product lines spans several continents, enabling us to reach people all over the world.
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ActivPanel Touch

ActivPanel Touch (3)

Enliven meetings, demonstrations and training sessions with an interactive flat-panel display that unites multi-touch interactivity, vibrant images and a flexible, durable design.

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards (13)

Whiteboards made to interact with your computer. Projectors required.

ActivBoard Touch

ActivBoard Touch (2)

ActivBoard Touch combines multi-touch capability, software, a classroom-tough and a magnetic surface that is ideal for tight budgets.

Combo Deals Boards and Projectors

Combo Deals Boards and Projectors (4)

Interactive Whiteboards that come with a projector all in one system.

Interactive Whiteboards / Screens

Interactive Whiteboards / Screens (13)

Interactive Displays are ideal for real time collaboration and immersive learning.

Promethean Packages

Promethean Packages (4)

Complete ActiVBoard Touch packages with intuitive multi-touch interactivity for efficient learning experiences.

Promethean Laser Projector Kits

Promethean Laser Projector Kits (4)

These kits combine laser technology, multi-touch functionality, dry-erase writing, and award-winning software to foster an interactive learning experience.

Promethean Pens

Promethean Pens (6)

Combines the full functionality of a mouse with the precision of a pen to enable natural, dynamic interaction with Promethean’s ActivBoards and ActivSlate.

Smartboard vs Promethean

Smartboard vs Promethean (1)

Shows the key differences between Smart and Promethean interactive whiteboards so you can get the best solution for your application.

Wireless Presentation and Collaboration

Wireless Presentation and Collaboration (1)

Enables teachers and students to wirelessly share content using mobile devices, and access a variety of different learning resources and apps.


Projectors (3)

Promethean extreme short throw, ultra short throw and short throw projector models.


Mounts (2)

Hardware for mounting interactive whiteboards, flat panel screens, and projectors

Document Cameras

Document Cameras (1)

Cameras used for presenting documents, books, and other objects.


Audio (1)

Audio systems and accessories


Software (1)

Software that can enhance any presentation classroom.

Accessories (Universal)

Accessories (Universal) (12)

Miscellaneous Accessories

Multimedia Furniture

Multimedia Furniture (1)

Multimedia Furniture

Discontinued Products

Discontinued Products (454)

Discontinued Products


Clearance (1)



ActivWall (3)

Widescreen interactive learning system for teachers and students to collaborate, connect, and share ideas.


ActivPanel (1)

Premium interactive displays for immersive learning, providing a tablet-like experience at the front of the classroom.

Welcone to the Modern Classroom by Promethean

Promethean vs. SmartBoard
Below is a video comparison of our 2 top selling brands Smart board and Promethean. In this video we go over the advantages and disadvantages of each.
The History of Promethean
Promethean is a manufacturer of innovative interactive solutions that can trace its roots all the way back to the very beginning of the use of interactive technology in education. With this, Promethean has developed revolutionary technology that brings modern technology to the classroom including the integration of personal devices such as iPad, Android tablets, Chromebooks & more. The primary focus of all Promethean products is to engage, fuel communication and learning within a classroom environment.
While Promethean did start in the K-12 education industry, they understand that engaging and adaptive technology is an important tool in other applications including business and government sectors. With this understand, Promethean has expanded their product features with useful tools designed for use outside of the K-12 environment.
ClassFlow Software
Promethean’s advanced ClassFlow software allows participants to bring forward their ideas through the integration of personal devices such as laptops, iPads, Android devices and more. Teachers are able to engage students with real time polls and quizzes for evaluation. Instructors are able to employ learning methods that fit each participant individually.
Interactive Flat Panels
Leading the charge in interactive solution advancement, Promethean has developed a full line of high definition & 4K Ultra HD interactive flat panels. These panels are coupled with Promethean’s powerful and intuitive software packages and produce an engaging way to communicate ideas in any environment.


Interactive Whiteboard Systems
Promethean’s ActivBoard Touch system brings multi-touch interaction into your classroom. Their durable and award winning surface can also be configured for use as a standard marker-board further increasing its flexibility in the classroom setting. It is important to note that unlike Promethean’s interactive flat panels, these systems would require the use of a projector.


Promethean’s revolutionary Activtable sparks participant collaboration. Up to six users can interact with the table’s touch sensitive LED screen surface at one time. This is a great tool for encouraging group involvement during a lesson.
Promethean Activtable

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