Anthro MVJA48SS-PW Elevate II Adjusta Basic 48W

Life Changing DESK!!


I have had this desk for about 6 months and its changed so much for me I cannot recommend it enough. I had terrible neck pain before getting it and now am feeling so much better.

The design of this desk is amazing -- having the ability to switch between standing and sitting with one button is something I do frequently. The motor is very quiet. The other design feature I love is the keyboard tray and the flexibility of moving it up or down. This is huge for me as I was never able to find an "ergo" desk that really "fit" my body. Having the keyboard separate from the monitor is key to making it work for me.

When I bought this desk it felt really I am so thankful I took the plunge.

Finally, I am 5 11. This desk is likely not tall enough for someone that is much taller unless you prop up the monitor with books or something. I feel like the highest extension when standing is JUST tall enough. I wish it went a bit taller.

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