For 35 years ATEN International Co., Ltd. (TWSE: 6277) has been the leading provider of IT connectivity and management solutions. Offering integrated IT Infrastructure Access Management, Professional Audio/Video and Energy Intelligence Power & Cooling Distribution Systems. ATEN solutions connect and manage electronics in home, office, commercial, industrial and enterprise environments with a portfolio of 320+ products distributed worldwide.

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Simply Better Connections
"Simply Better Connections" has always been at the heart of the ATEN brand. It means providing innovative solutions for you to make better connections, efficiently and seamlessly, to the information and people that you value. As a result, ATEN connects you to the world, anytime and anywhere, by providing technologies that enable you to share and to care. ATEN makes professional and personal life easier, simpler and better connected.

ATEN, established in 1979, is specialized in connectivity and management solutions in accessing and sharing technologies. ATEN consolidates all of its products and services under one brand – ATEN, in order to provide an efficient and consistent service standard. The ATEN brand consists of innovative solutions applied to connectivity, professional audio/video, and green energy, for consumers, small/home offices (SOHO), small to medium sized businesses (SMB), and enterprise customers.

ATEN´s SOHO and SMB solutions offer a series of cable KVM, desktop KVM, and LCD KVM products. The Enterprise solutions offer a series of Over IP solutions that allow customers to effectively manage IT infrastructure from anywhere in the world. The Professional Audio / Video line offers integrated video solutions for home and professional use for a variety of uses including corporate, education, hospitality, commercial, and home theater applications. The recently developed Green Energy line offers energy-saving solutions for the data center with a range of intelligent PDUs that provide real-time energy management and performance indicators locally and remotely.
ATEN specializes in connectivity and management solutions. We distribute our products through a global sales network to meet a broad range of customer needs. ATEN delivers and we care about our customers. We are committed to the best customer support in the industry.

Troubleshoot On-The-Go Pocket-Size Diagnostic Tool
Aten-CV211The Laptop USB Console Crash Cart Adapter provides a direct Laptop-to-Computer connection to servers, computers, kiosks and ATMs. Recommended for on-the-go IT professionals, it eliminates the need for heavy crash carts while offering BIOS-level access, bi-directional file transfers, hotkey macros, video recording and screenshots through a USB 2.0 and VGA composite cable.

The innovative virtual media function provides file applications, OS patching, diagnostic testing and software installations through the CV211’s intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) which provides easy operation and fast remote access. The GUI console window can be adjusted to the exact size and resolution of the remote computer's desktop by resizing the pane automatically, or you can manually adjust the window size as you see fit. This allows you to view the target computer’s entire desktop without needing to use a scroll bar.

Introducing ATEN Modular Matrix Switch Solution Series
With video displayed across multiple screens to maximize marketing, live broadcasting and real-time monitoring, timing is crucial and gets even more challenging when integrated with a video wall system.

The ATEN Modular Matrix Switch Solution Series offers real-time control and advanced access to manage up to 32 video sources and 32 displays simultaneously, through modular I/O boards in a single chassis. Empowered by ATEN Seamless Switch™ technology, the video matrix switch, incorporating a speed-progressive video switching function and a unique scaler, integrates seamlessly with video wall systems – to project live video with precision in any dimension on a perfect timeline.
Flexible expandability without compromise - the installation is fully expandable with modular I/O boards that provide plug-n-play connectivity with an extensive portfolio of analogue and digital A/V equipment.

Video wall Integration with scaler - a unique scaler utilizing ATEN FPGA technology is built in the Modular Matrix Switch Series to unify various video input signals and render optimum output resolutions on displays with uncompromised precision

Easy video wall setup - through an intuitive web GUI, up to 64 video wall profiles can be created with custom screen layouts, viable in a wide range of pro-A/V applications.

Seamless Switch - ATEN Seamless Switch™ technology features instantaneous video switching to deliver Full HD video powered by an exclusive seamless engine implemented at each output port. This high-performance engine processes A/V signals by executing EDID and HDCP handshakes simultaneously at both source and display ends, scaling inputs for the best output resolution while setting the output clock timing, and using a frame buffer to retain input signal information for the fastest output.
Manage multiple over IP servers on one screen with ATEN’s Panel Array Mode™
KVM switches have been typically utilized in environments such as data centers to monitor and control multiple computers or servers from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Traditional KVMs allowed operators to view one port at a time on their screen, with the option of using a menu tree to keep track of all the ports connected to that KVM. But this kind of setup eventually proved inefficient in environments such as manufacturing and surveillance that often require monitoring of a much higher numbers of ports. These environments called for a visual, intuitive alternative to allow users to preview the content of all the ports at a single time. ATEN’s Panel Array Mode™ - a feature standard to all of ATEN’s KN series KVM over IP switches - resolves this problem by allowing administrators to monitor the video output of up to 64 servers simultaneously.

How Panel Array Mode works

In Panel Array Mode, which can be invoked by clicking the Panel Array icon either on the KVM interface toolbar or in the ATEN CC2000 Centralized Management Software, the screen divides into a grid of up to 64 panels: each panel represents one of the switch’s ports beginning with Port 1 at the upper left, and going from left to right, top to bottom. The number of panels in the array can be selected by clicking the “Show More Ports” and “Show Fewer Ports” symbols on the panel array toolbar.

All ports are displayed, and for ports that are not online, the panel is blank. Mousing over a panel displays information about the port (port name, online status, port access status, and resolution). Users can access a server connected to a port by moving the mouse pointer over its panel and clicking. You switch to the server exactly as if you had selected it from the Port Access page. This powerful feature helps administrators manage their server room in a much more efficient and flexible manner.
Panel Array Mode™ allows administrators to monitor the video output of up to 64 servers simultaneously

Capabilities beyond the data center

Production line
Having evolved significantly over the years, Panel Array Mode-enabled KVM switches now provide capabilities well beyond data center applications. For example, ATEN’s customers in the manufacturing and distribution industry such as Arrow Electronics are leveraging Panel Array Mode in product testing environments, using ATEN KVM switches for test rack solutions in select integration centers where customized computing solutions are developed for OEM clients. The Panel Array Mode feature enables technicians to view the status of up to 16 test units simultaneously, significantly reducing manpower by centralizing the entire facility via one KVM, such as the KN2124VA 24-Port Cat 5 KVM over IP switch.* The company is now saving time on each test bench, thereby allowing more products to be configured and tested in less time.
Panel Array mode is implemented in Arrow Electronics’ testing facilities
Another environment that Panel Array mode can be applied in is surveillance. In a typical surveillance installation for a multi-building facility, a CCTV controller is paired with only one control point for each building. With the aid of a CCTV controller, Panel Array Mode™-enabled KVM over IP switches can be used to control and centralize an entire facility by offering the ability to view multiple CCTV video recorders simultaneously on one screen.
Panel Array mode is also effective in surveillance environments requiring simultaneous viewing of multiple screens