HealthPostures 6352 TaskMate Go Sit-Stand Desk

well build but little instructions


The item arrived in a very sturdy box and noting was broken in any was, it also assembled quite easy. However there are some drilled out holes in the work surface that are not used and these are not explained in the directions. The directions also say it comes fully assembled however it is not both surfaces must be attached. It also feels as if this was designed by 2 different people, the top surface has threaded holes for the screws, however the bottom uses through holes with acorn nuts on the bottom. it would have been very nice if this was all threaded. It also did not include an allen key which could be a problem for most offices. There were 8 additional screws for the monitors if you don't already have some. I had one thing left that i still don't know what its for, a single piece of felt with a sticky back, no clue as to where this goes. It could also really use some cable management built in.

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