Lap Cabby is the largest supplier of laptop trolleys in the UK. For over 25 years the company has been supplying furniture for education. The current Lap Cabby line features a wide range of laptop trolleys to safely store, efficiently charge, and sync many units simultaneously.

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Technology is steadily increasing in accessibility and ease of use
Lap Cabby is a British company that is at the forefront of this advancement. Lap Cabby is the leading manufacturer of laptop carts in the UK. These carts allow educators to store, charge, and sync up to 32 laptops or tablets at the same time. This makes using the technology easier for the teacher and as a result, more accessible for the student.

Lap Cabby laptop carts are cleverly designed to be the best on the market. Innovative ventilation in the sides and bases of Lap Cabby carts keeps devices cool even when the cart is locked. All Lap Cabby carts also feature the revolutionary Power7 Timer which provides energy saving power management. This device allows for money-saving economy charging, daytime charging, and 7 programmable custom charging schedules so teachers can tailor charging to their daily lesson plans and always have devices that are ready to be used. Additionally all Lap Cabby carts are secured with a dual point lockng system to keep doors secure. These carts also incorporate safety features like concealed electrical compartments, rounded corners all around, and heavy duty locking wheels.
Lifetime Warranty across the whole range

LapCabby’s long-established routes in the education market mean they’ve got durability down to a fine art. They understand that retail, healthcare and education environments aren’t always predictable and bumps, bangs and scrapes do happen – which is why they build their products to last, and if they don’t, they’ve got it covered.
Why choose LapCabby?

Fully assembled:
LapCabby's feature rich products come fully assembled and quite literally ready to roll!

You might find other device charging and storage companies deliver products with elements such as cable management, shelf mats and wheels that you’ll need to fix and assemble when your order arrives. In fact, you might even find you have to order these parts separately – and the price can quickly add up.

At LapCabby, what you see is what you get, and there are no hidden costs whatsoever. Every single one of our products is delivered fully assembled, so all you need to do is lift off the packaging and plug it in – then you’re ready to go!
Built from scratch:
Built-from-Scratch-Supporting-ImageOff the shelf isn’t good enough for our customers. LapCabby is committed to delivering the highest ICT storage product quality.

To achieve this, LapCabby controls the complete process from initial design through to the finished product, and even design and manufacture the plastic parts and frames in house. They pour hours of thought, design time and research into the screws, cable clips, handles, wheels, AC adaptor holders, electrical components – everything! It’s safe to say the devil is in the LapCabby detail. The design of every LapCabby unit places health and safety at the forefront of our build process for both users and the infrastructure of the building in which it’s used.

Rounded, rubberized corners reduce the likelihood of damage if the unit bumps into walls, while a combination of sturdy, rubberized wheels with clever construction allow proper weight distribution and easy mobility. Wheels are also lockable, to keep the unit safe while stationary.

Testing-CertificationTesting and safety certification
To ensure the safety of all the products is comprehensive, LapCabby test to the highest health and safety standards worldwide. They never self-certify; every LapCabby product is subjected to stringent third-party testing by the international test house, TUV. They take testing very seriously and never release a product to the market unless it’s fully tested to the highest certification. By thoroughly testing everything they make both in parts and as a whole, LapCabby assures that their customers will always receive a safe and reliable product.
LapCabby-EducationPerfect for any educational space
LapCabby’s product range has every classroom or campus requirement covered. From primary and secondary schools to colleges, universities and libraries, LapCabby solutions slot perfectly into any educational space delivering classroom ready devices and support the digital curriculum, every time.

Static solutions to stay in the classroom, desktop charging for power pick me ups, trolleys to move between class to class, transportable solutions for field trips and lockers to create central charging hubs.

Benefits of LapCabby in education:
  • Multi-device storage to support a mixture of devices in one trolley
  • Charging and syncing available to reduce reliance on IT Support
  • Supporting the digital classroom and curriculum
  • Compact models that take up less space in the classroom
  • Programmable charging schedules ensuring classroom-ready devices – every time
  • Cost effective models and a lifetime warranty to deliver ROI
  • Integrated safety features to protect users and devices
  • Stringently tested to guarantee optimal health and safety compliance
10 reasons to choose LapCabby: