Loctek is committed to provide high quality mount solutions for all your AV needs, including flat panel TVs, computer monitors, laptops, tablets and more.

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The market-leading brand of TV, monitor, laptop and tablet mounts
Since their beginning in 1999, Loctek, has developed industry leading high quality monitor mounting solutions for all applications. With a wide array of options, you can find a mount for flat panel TV’s, single computer monitor, dual computer monitors and more.

Loctek is the market-leading brand of TV, monitor, laptop and tablet mounts. Always on the cutting-edge of innovation, Loctek's unique technology and original designs provide our customers with the perfect entertainment experience. Loctek monitor mounts offer ideal ergonomic solutions for a wide variety of office workstations.
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A healthier way to work
Loctek believes that there’s a healthier way to work. Loctek is passionate about transforming the conventional work space into an active environment that supports wellness and productivity. Loctek commitment to wellness at work drives the design of every sit-stand workstation, height adjustable desk, exercise bike and ergonomic monitor mount they manufacture.
Ergonomic solutions
Every day, Loctek imagine, design, and bring to life ergonomic solutions that help people lead a healthier and more productive life. Loctek innovative R&D team is comprised of forward-thinking engineers who use the latest technology to turn their ideas into viable products that make productivity healthier in the office, home, school and medical setting.
Easily adjustable monitor mounts
Staring at a computer screen that’s not eye level can cause neck and eye strain, as well as painful back problems. Loctek monitor mounts are easily adjustable, offering customers the ability to work in a more comfortable and ergonomically correct position. Using Loctek’s patented, high performance monitor mounting solutions, you gain a wide range of features including: Ports for audio/mic/USB devices, dust blocking plugs and cable management options.
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Loctek’s ergonomic solutions are the perfect fit for the classroom. Loctek space-saving monitor arm not only frees up valuable desk space for a cleaner learning environment, it also helps prevent eye fatigue by keeping monitors at a safe reading distance. Loctek height adjustable standing desks promote alertness and healthy movement throughout the learning day so teachers are more productive while teaching and students are more comfortable while learning.
Employees are your company’s greatest asset. Loctek helps you keep them healthy and productive with ergonomic solutions that support a more active work environment. We offer everything your employees need–from monitor arms to desktop risers to standing desks–to create the healthiest workstation possible.
Health Care
A comfortable environment is essential to a healthy recovery. Loctek offers ergonomic solutions that promote comfort and well-being for people who want to stay productive while recovering from injury.

In the fast-paced financial industry, quick and easy access to real-time data is a must. Loctek helps display all the data financial workers need with durable, multi-monitor arms that neatly support up to six monitors on a single desktop.