Plus Corporation is a manufacturer of copy, capture and scroll boards.  These boards are used to copy, save and print notes from a whiteboard. 

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PLUS provides a wide and varied line of both office and stationery products
Headquarted in Beaverton, Oregon, PLUS Corporation of America provides a wide and varied line of both office and stationery products to large and small retailers and wholesalers, as well as to catalogs and TV shopping networks. In addition to its office and stationery lines, PLUS Corporation of America also maintains and offers a line of electronic copyboards and dry-erase boards to businesses as well as eduction and government entities.

PLUS innovative product lines include Electronic Copyboards and CaptureBoards™ that allow you to save your information and ideas securely to your network or control the functions of the whiteboards from your iPhone or Android smartphone. All of these products are designed to enhance product development or design, training, meetings or for keeping projects organized.
Electronic Copyboards
Write your thoughts and print them out! PLUS has been an innovator in copyboard design since the 1980s. PLUS newest line of copyboards offer industry-first, advanced features such as network integration and smartphone compatibility. PLUS offers a variety of copyboards to suit any need or budget. All copyboards include a 90-day warranty and can only be shipped via ground freight.

Added Security Color Copyboards with Network Integration
The New N-31 series was specifically designed for offices or environments where protecting your information is top priority. Have confidence, knowing your information is secure.
  • Network Printing Capability
  • Password Security and Validation – Alpha numeric characters and special symbols can be used for password, instead of alpha only characters. Password validity time period can be adjusted.
  • SSL Security – Data is transferred in encrypted format.
  • IC Card - Intelligent Card, lets you initiate scan to FTP server.
  • Multiple Users - Up to 100 users can be programmed into the board. Meeting notes can be saved to a specific users FTP site or to the boards’ memory.
  • Multiple FTP Sites – More than one FTP site can be accessed by the board.

Color Copyboards with Network Integration
PLUS is excited to offer the first electronic copyboards with network integration and smartphone functions. These advanced color copyboards allow the user to save their notes to a network so that anyone on the team can access the notes from their personal computer. Of course, notes can also be saved to a USB memory stick or printed out from an on-board printer (optional). Using the PLUS "MTG pocket app" on a compatible smartphone allows users to operate and save notes directly to their phone.

CaptureBoards with advanced network features!
The C-20 Series builds on the success of the original CaptureBoards by adding network and smartphone compatibility as well as improved operation and a clean, slimmer design. Capture the hand-written notes along with the image projected on the screen. Save the combined image to your PC or print it out via an on-board printer (optional). Get access to advanced features by hooking the C-20 up to your network or by accessing the board via your smartphone.

Capture the projected image and the written notes!
For meetings and presentations that include the discussion of a projected image, the is an ideal tool. The CaptureBoard™'s unique "writeable screen" surface possesses the properties of both a projection screen and a dry-erase board; while the CapturBoard's innovative and easy-to-use software allows it to combine the projected image and the hand-written notes on to a PC. Now in wide and standard width models.