Vivitek DH765Z-UST (no mount) Laser Projector

Amazing Ultra Short Throw with a small caveat


This projector is amazing. Bright, big, beautiful image (little over 120" H) from just 2'4" feet away. We're using it in a museum setting to display across 5 vertical panels (image mapping the spaces out) on a 1 gain screen paint. Full 1080p from a BrightSign unit. So far, so good. Projected 20,000 hours lamp life is a huge feature for us. The only issue is that this projector is NOT forgiving with installation. A good number of projectors have a mechanical zoom (image resize), lens shift or at least not so specific a throw distance calculation. This projector has none of that (primarily because of it's nature). If you inadvertently hang the projector 2" farther away; you end up with an image 10" larger. Sure - there's corner pinch and key stoning to try and pull you back to true; but it'll never be right unless you hang it right. Also, remember the hanging height as it relates to your image height (off the ground) matters a GREAT deal with ultra short throws otherwise you'll end up with the top of your image in focus and the bottom out of focus. All in all, an AMAZING projector; as long as you've laid SOLID groundwork/calculations for its installation.

Jerry Taylor on May 17, 2019 I found this helpful (0)

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