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Clear Touch

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Clear Touch Interactive provides interactive technology solutions that help educational institutions, government agencies and commercial enterprises to interact differently. These interactive technology solutions are specifically designed for the demands and requirements of today's collaborative environments.
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Interactive Whiteboards / Screens

Interactive Whiteboards / Screens (5)

Interactive Displays are ideal for real time collaboration and immersive learning.

6000U Series Interactive Panels

6000U Series Interactive Panels (5)

Easiest to use, most intuitive, most powerful and most interactive panel yet-loaded with features that help you collaborate and work smarter.


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Business and Education Furniture


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Hardware for mounting interactive whiteboards, flat panel screens, and projectors


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Software that can enhance any presentation classroom.

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Experience The Clear Touch Difference!
What sets Clear Touch apart from the competition? In a word – everything
Clear Touch interactive displays are easy-to-use, simple to install, and promote truly collaborative participation with 10 simultaneous points of touch that let you get everyone involved. Even better, they do all of this without any costly software subscriptions or high-cost maintenance. Their panels feature vivid, luminous displays for immersive interaction and offer more connection options than any of their competitors, including nine data ports and multiple custom connectivity apps, so that you’re never in danger of losing access in the middle of a presentation.
Clear Touch smart, interactive displays will quickly become the hub of your classroom or business. Their panels allow immediate access to mobile apps and software, device mirroring, and wireless connectivity—all designed to get people collaborating quickly, in real-time.
The next generation of interactive panels
Clear Touch Interactive displays are an all-in-one package. They offer an optional onboard PC, an easy-to-install software package, and True HD and Ultra HD displays for a state of the art viewing experience. The panels feature true multi-touch capabilities (up to ten simultaneous points of touch) fast touch response time, high-fidelity audio and an industry leading nine inputs that allow for easy connection to all of the devices in your room. Choose from six screen sizes—from 55 inches to 98 inches—with crystal-clear, energy-saving LCD displays.
All six sizes of interactive panels provide a consistency of internal hardware, software, and usage experience, which simplifies IT support requests, system and hardware management, and new staff training.
Check out the video below for a demo of ClearTouch 6000 Series Interactive Panel

An all-in-one classroom solution
Clear Touch Interactive panels empower a new generation of teaching and learning without all of the logistical headaches. Clear Touch interactive displays are the ideal classroom technology solution, being easy-to-use, simple to install, and providing more than 50,000 hours of hands-on classroom use—all without costly software subscriptions and high-cost maintenance.
Clear Touch Interactive panels are a powerful, yet elegant, solution for promoting superior student engagement. These displays make administrators’, teachers’, and IT managers’ lives easier by providing (among other things) superior HD picture quality, easy-to-learn software, simple IT management and integration, and powerful automation features.
Empower your teaching and presentations with EasiNote
EasiNote is quick to launch, and perfect to draw diagrams, present slideshows, use as a white board, and much more. Increase your classroom engagement with EasiNote.
All-in-one business solutions
At Clear Touch Interactive, they want to bring your business operations to a new level of connectivity, making your communication more collaborative and conversational. Whether you need to Skype, set up long-distance video conferencing session, or participate in a global collaboration session by brainstorming, Clear Touch has you covered.
ClearTouch knows that adopting new technology can be time-consuming, which is why they’ve made their panels fully compatible with your existing software, including Microsoft Suite or any other business application. It’s just like having your entire computer at your fingertips. Plus, you’re never obligated to use the software that comes with ClearTouch product, and you’ll never be charged for an ongoing license. That’s just one of the significant distinctions between ClearTouch and its competitors. ClearTouch  also gives you more options across the board—the most connectivity inputs, the most accessories, and the most choices in panel size, resulting in the most intuitive and customizable interactive panel on the market. It’s not smart. It’s brilliant!
How do Clear Touch Interactive Displays compare?
Clear Touch interactive displays compare favorably with SMART Boards, Promethean Boards, and other leading providers in the industry. Clear Touch Interactive displays feature multi-touch capabilities, and True and Ultra HD resolution on par with the most advanced interactive displays on the market.
Clear Touch also offer its clients better warranties, stronger service and support from a US owned and operated company, and more accessories and other customization options across the board. Plus, unlike most of its competitors, Clear Touch doesn’t make you pay for an ongoing license in order to use its software suite, reducing the overall cost of ownership. High quality, low maintenance—that’s the Clear Touch difference.
The Clear Touch Interactive Software Suite
Clear Touch smart, interactive panels include six state-of-the art software applications so that you can connect, write, annotate, edit, animate and share from anywhere.
Take a look at the video below for more info on software included with ClearTouch displays

About the company
Clear Touch is a high-touch, high-tech company
First and foremost, Clear Touch is committed to personal care and service for every one of its customers. Their panels come with an industry-leading standard one year warranty with options for up to three or five years, but the real difference is the company’s support. Some of Clear Touch competitors make you go through the hassle of shipping your panel back to them for minor repairs. If something does go wrong, Clear Touch team will provide solutions over the phone or get a technician to join you on site to make it right so you can get back to business.
Clear Touch is U.S. owned and operated
They are able to provide such individualized support for their customers because they are located right here in the United States, just like you. Clear Touch employs regional sales, service, and technical support staff so that its customers can contact them and get their issues resolved quickly. In a time when many technology companies are owned by overseas companies and have outsourced their support services, Clear Touch is proud to be an American-owned and operated company—and even prouder of the service they’re able to offer to its customers.
Clear Touch sells the easiest to setup and easiest to use product on the market
No more worries about running cable, burned out projector bulbs or the cost of ongoing maintenance. Clear Touch works with its partners to be sure you get your panels implemented on time, and your employees trained quickly, on site and through Clear Touch video tutorials. Daily use is a breeze; Clear Touch panels come with nine data ports and connectivity apps (DisplayNote and EasiConnect are just two examples) that them the right solution for any office or classroom.
An impressive suite of software applications, but Clear Touch doesn’t force you to use them
Many of Clear Touch competitors require you to sign up for a software subscription in order to use their interactive panels. Clear Touch thinks you should be able to use what you like. While Clear Touch Displays do come with our robust package of software applications—including tools to allow you to record the screen, create interactive games, post messages organization-wide, and a presentation and note taking tool–they won’t ever lock you into a software contract. Have your own software that your prefer? Clear Touch allows you to use your existing software platforms, browse the web, and find resources from the optional onboard PC.
Check out the video below for a brief overview of ClearTouch Interactive Boards


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