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In business since 1921, ELMO is one of the leaders in classroom technology. Most well known for its extraordinarily versatile and high performance document cameras, Elmo also manufactures many other great products such as student response systems, video conferencing tools, projectors, and much more.

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Document Cameras Under $500

Document Cameras Under $500 (2)

Document Cameras Under $500. These units pack a punch for the dollar.

Top 10 Selling Document Cameras

Top 10 Selling Document Cameras (4)

Jonathans Picks. Jonathans top 10 selling document cameras.

Charging Carts and Stations

Charging Carts and Stations (4)

Large Selection of charging stations that charge your tablets, laptops, ereaders, ipads, etc.

Huddle Space Collaboration Hub

Huddle Space Collaboration Hub (7)

Simple 8 HDMI input connection source equipped with video and audio recording allowing you to connect any HDMI compatible device.

Elmo Document Camera Bundles

Elmo Document Camera Bundles (7)

The most advanced visual annotation bundle system for truly interactive teaching environment.

Combo Deals Boards and Projectors

Combo Deals Boards and Projectors (1)

Interactive Whiteboards that come with a projector all in one system.

TT-12 Flag Ship

TT-12 Flag Ship (3)

TT-12 Flag Ship

Hovercam Ultra 8 vs ELMO LX-1

Hovercam Ultra 8 vs ELMO LX-1 (1)

Hovercam Ultra 8 vs ELMO LX-1 Document Camera comparison


Projectors (2)

LCD and DLP projectors for projecting digital media. Models range from small and portable on up to the largest auditoriums and gathering spaces.


Audio (4)

Audio systems and accessories

Top Selling Interactive Whiteboards and Screens

Top Selling Interactive Whiteboards and Screens (1)

These are our top selling Interactive Whiteboards, Smartboard, and LED/LCD Screens: Teamboard, Hitachi , Mimio, eBeam, Smart Technologies, Sharp and Infocus

Interactive Tablets

Interactive Tablets (6)

Portable interactive tablets

Dry Erase/Chalk/Tack Boards

Dry Erase/Chalk/Tack Boards (1)

Marker boards for use with dry erase markers


Furniture (4)

Business and Education Furniture

Student Response Systems

Student Response Systems (6)

Audience polling devices.

Video conferencing / PTZ / Micro / IP Cameras

Video conferencing / PTZ / Micro / IP Cameras (8)

Cameras and control systems for video production, conferencing, etc.

Video Conversion & Connectivity

Video Conversion & Connectivity (8)

Hardware for connection your video components and converting formats.

Accessories (Universal)

Accessories (Universal) (23)

Miscellaneous Accessories


LX-1/TX-1 (2)

Offers the largest optical zoom lens and full HD camera that captures crisp, clear detail on the smallest of objects.

Discontinued Products

Discontinued Products (272)

Discontinued Products


iPad/Tablets (1)

Portable interactive tablets. They allow you to control the computer and board from anywhere in the room wirelessly.



All-In-One audio solution with analog input, Bluetooth compatibility and 360° omnidirectional soundfield.


ELMO MX-1 (3)

World’s first true 4K document camera. The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port allows for viewing of video at full HD up to 60 fps.

ELMO MX-1 vs Hovercam Solo 8

ELMO MX-1 vs Hovercam Solo 8 (1)

Comparison of the two of most popular document cameras to help you make an informed buying decision.

ELMO TT-12id vs LX-1

ELMO TT-12id vs LX-1 (2)

The ELMO TT-12id vs the LX-1 Document Camera

ELMO MX-1 vs Lumens DC-125

ELMO MX-1 vs Lumens DC-125 (1)

The ELMO MX-1 vs the Lumens DC-125 Document Camera

Lumens DC193 vs ELMO LX-1

Lumens DC193 vs ELMO LX-1 (1)

A comparison between the DC193 and LX-1 Document Cameras.

Elmo has been a leader in education technology for more than 90 years.
Since 1973, Elmo USA has been offering cutting-edge innovations are shaping the future of visual communications. Foremost among these innovations are teaching tools for dynamic classroom presentations. ELMO’s groundbreaking document cameras and visual presenters benefit students by enabling instructors to incorporate stimulating high
-resolution visuals into their lesson plans. These value-priced, full-featured teaching tools offer a level of interactivity and spontaneity that static transparencies or “one-dimensional, pre-planned” laptop and desktop computer lessons simply do not.
The TT-12 Flagship Line of Document Cameras The TT, or “Teachers Tool,” line of document cameras is ELMO’s most popular product on the market. The camera features true “high definition” with 12X optical zoom and 8X digital zoom. It is also the best-selling document camera series in the world, testifying to ELMO’s desire for product perfection. As with all ELMO products, it is easily adapted to nearly any environment making it a simple choice for those seeking quality, as well as versatility. The TT-12 is being phased out, with the new TT-12iD taking its place. This line of cameras was engineered for classroom use, and even manufactured with years of input from teachers. As the latest 5th generation Teachers Tool, the TT-12iD is the best quality document camera money can buy.
New Elmo TT-LX1 & TT- TX1 Document Cameras!
Please see what sets the ELMO TT-12iD apart from other Doc Cams on our page here:
How To Set Up Your Elmo Document camera (LX-1, TT-12iD, TT-12i, TX-1)

Elmo LX-1 doc cam replaces TT-12id as best selling doc cam in the world

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