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Founded in 1991, Vivitek is a world-leading manufacturer of visual display and presentation products. The company’s line of digital projection and display devices incorporates the latest innovations and technologies to deliver superior products for its customers.
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Interactive Whiteboards / Screens

Interactive Whiteboards / Screens (3)

Interactive Displays are ideal for real time collaboration and immersive learning.


Mounts (2)

Hardware for mounting interactive whiteboards, flat panel screens, and projectors


Projectors (51)

LCD and DLP projectors for projecting digital media. Models range from small and portable on up to the largest auditoriums and gathering spaces.

Accessories (Universal)

Accessories (Universal) (74)

Miscellaneous Accessories

Video Conversion & Connectivity

Video Conversion & Connectivity (1)

Hardware for connection your video components and converting formats.

Discontinued Products

Discontinued Products (167)

Discontinued Products


NOVO (2)

Wireless presentation and collaboration system designed to support highly interactive and collaborative classroom learning activities.

Short & Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Short & Ultra Short Throw Projectors (3)

Featuring high performance, high brightness and full 3D capability, these projectors offer an outstanding digital image, versatility and value.

NovoTouch Interactive LED Screens

NovoTouch Interactive LED Screens (3)

Ultra HD 4K interactive large format touch displays with simple to use wireless presentation and collaboration solution. Ideal for conference rooms, meeting areas and corporate lobbies.

LED Wi-Fi Pocket Projectors

LED Wi-Fi Pocket Projectors (5)

Cable-free experience when connecting your mobile Android & iOS devices using Wi-Fi, or using its 2.5 GB on-board memory.

WUXGA Large Venue Projectors

WUXGA Large Venue Projectors (2)

For projected images in a large venue environment to contain the fine detail and crispness requires the very best quality components, processing and engineering - without compromise.

Projection and display solutions for every application and budget
Vivitek, a brand of Delta, is a leading manufacturer of visual display and presentation products. The company's extensive lineup of award-winning digital projectors, collaboration and digital signage devices incorporate the latest innovations and technologies to deliver superior products. Vivitek has global sales and marketing operations in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia and are renowned for providing the industries best warranties and innovative solutions. Delta, founded in 1971, is a global leader in power and thermal management solutions and a major player in several product segments such as industrial automation, displays, and networking.

Please view our video of Vivitek's NovoTouch Interactive Display below:

Short throw and extreme short throw projectors
Short throw and extreme short throw projectors enable users to bring big, breathtaking images into small, intimate spaces, without any obstructing shadows from presenters. Requiring only minimal distance from a screen to operate, these projectors are perfect for cozy home theaters and classrooms.

Invigorate your classroom with immersive technology
From the grade school classroom to the university lecture hall, Vivitek projectors help educators capture the attention of their students, convey important information, and guide collaborative discussions. Vivitek's interactive projectors provide the perfect conduit for effective student participation, while our 3D-equipped models deliver deeply immersive images — especially ideal for the sciences. All education projectors are equipped with a wealth of connectivity options to service educational institutions of all network and technology setups. Spark exciting new methods of learning in your classrooms with a Vivitek projector.

3D projection
With projectors capable of dynamically adapting 2D content into 3D, without the need for external software, Vivitek projectors make harnessing 3D projection simple and easy.

A critical breakthrough in education technology, Vivitek's new line of interactive projectors enable educators to easily interact with students, using pen or finger-touch interactive capabilities, to enhance their learning and retention.

Complete connectivity
Vivitek-ConnectionHDBaseT™, 3G-SDI, MHL, HDMI, RGB, USB and wireless are a few of the connection options available with Vivitek projectors for your specific application. Projector management options include RoomView™, AMX, TelNet, Crestron e-Control, PJ-Link, SSDP, RS232 and LAN, depending on the model of projector.

The Vivitek education warranty
  • Includes a five-year warranty for parts/labor and one year on the lamp, from the date of purchase
  • Includes five-year advanced exchange program
  • Applies to select models purchased by an educational institution
  • Available exclusively through authorized Vivitek dealers

Wireless presentation & collaboration system
NovoPro-LogoNovoPRO is a superior, next-generation system for wireless presentation and collaboration. It’s designed to take business meetings, conferences and corporate presentations to a new level of collaboration and interaction.

Whether in a meeting, training or huddle room, NovoPRO addresses today’s collaborative meetings in a clutter-free, dynamic environment for meeting productivity and comprehension, while encouraging teamwork. The presenter can wirelessly interact and share digital content with attendees — and vice versa — via their PCs, tablets or other portable devices in this modern, smart-meeting environment.

Powerful platform
NovoPRO is built on a new, powerful Quad Core platform that provides un-compromised performance that allows for highly reactive instance response system (IRS), as well as Ultra HD 4K Support on wireless G, N or AC networks and Hotspot WAP capability while employing high levels of security.

Supports both educational as well as corporate functionality
NovoPRO is switchable to bring together functionality for specific applications. In educational mode, essential educator administration tools allow for class management in a digital age. Mobile device lock allows focus on the taught lesson, session termination and class attendance which are a few of the administration functions in NovoPRO. In corporate mode, AES128 encryption is employed and the Moderator functionality can be used.

Dual network support
NovoPRO can simultaneously connect to two separate networks (Wi-Fi and Ethernet). This allows for facilitating, through a single device, Corporate and Guest or Faculty/Student networks.

IOS/Android full mirroring
Whether you’re showcasing the user experience of an app or providing technical instruction, full mirroring support ensures whatever you see on your device is exactly replicated.

Remote manager
Vivitek-IOS-AndroidEspecially designed for corporations, schools, and other large institutions where widespread management of networking devices is key, remote manager is a standalone Windows/Mac application that enables the control of multiple NovoConnect devices from a single PC. To download the software, simply click on the “Software” tab of any Novo device product page.

Easy connection via QR code
For moments when entering an IP address just isn’t instant enough, NovoPRO can display a custom QR code, enabling users to connect to the device after a quick scan via their smartphone or tablet’s camera.

Digital engagement
The annotation feature includes a markup pen, eraser and color-fill; take notes and share documents wirelessly. Use the polling/voting feature to measure audience comprehension in the moment.

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