Anchor Audio Wireless Presentation and Collaboration

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Anchor Audio Wireless Presentation and Collaboration

Wireless Presentation Systems transform meeting rooms into collaborative spaces
Touchboards is proud to offer professional wireless presentation systems that work in a host of different ways. From wirelessly streaming audio and visual signals in high definition, to BYOD (Bring your own Device) situations where you can share up to hundreds of devices at once. The goal is to make your presentations livelier, easier and more productive.
"Present, Interact and Collaborate" is our motto here at Touchboards. With everyone having at least one smart device on them today, meetings are more interactive now that audience members can share their screens with the presenter. Many of our devices work simultaneously with many platforms: Windows, Macbooks, iOS./iPads, Android tablets, Chromebooks and Chromecast. Connect them all for presentation sharing and more effective and efficient meetings.
With our smart technology, BYOD meets wireless projection. We have had amazing success in the classroom, corporate boardrooms, healthcare and government. Ask us how we can improve your meetings, simply wiring and bring more collaboration into your world.
This diagram demonstrates the simplicity of how a Wireless Presentation Device allows internet access to all connected users as well as presentation access to all network connected computers. The QOMO QConnect Plus is featured above providing a presentation to multiple devices.
Touchboards is at the forefront of the wireless presentation industry
The product specialists at Touchboards have been educated with the latest product knowledge from all of our vendors directly. With the ever increasing leaps forward in technology, Touchboards can provide a solution based selection of products that will provide longevity and expandability for companies both large and small. The Wireless Presentation Devices we have endorsed feature both scalability and ease of use in a high traffic environment.
The KinectIQ Air, Pro & Plus
The user friendly KinectIQ uses plug and play devices that deliver full HD video and high quality sound in real time.
The QOMO QConnect Plus TWP1500
With QConnect Plus you can share up to 64 devices at once (iPad/phones, Chromebooks, Android etc) on your smartboard, TV, or projection screen.