Ken-A-Vision EduCam Promo Video

Posted on: Thursday, May 16 2013
Running Time: 2:17
Description: Ken-A-Vision EduCam Promo Video
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  • Hovercam Super Solo 8 general review / demo
  • Overview of HoverCam Solo 8 USB 3.0 Intelligent Document Camera, Scanner and Video Camera
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  • Anthro Tablet Cart Showdown - iPad Cart Showdown
  • Unpacking Your New Anthro Charging Cart
  • Hovercam GuruBook: Android Tablet W/ Document Camera
  • Hovercam Solo 8
  • Elmo TT-12i: The Zoom Function
  • Elmo TT-12i: Setting Up Your Document Camera
  • Elmo TT-12i: Projecting Your Smart Device
  • Elmo TT-12i: Hooking Up To A PC
  • Elmo TT-12i: Features Overview Demo
  • Elmo TT-12i: Quick Product Tour
  • ProScope Mobile
  • Anthro Charging Cart For Samsung Version 3 Chromebook Walk Through Demo
  • Hyundai E70AL & E84AL LCD HD Touch Whiteboard Displays
  • Hyundai Meeting Mate Software for LCD Touch Whiteboard Displays
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  • Touchit WIS Teach review educational software
  • TouchIt Interactive LED LCD screen. Touch it smartboard/whiteboard review and general demo
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